Digital networking in tech: 4 key trends driving cross-border M&A

A strong international network has become essential to M&A success in the small to mid-cap tech market. For the majority of smaller deals in Europe, M&A professionals can focus on domestic buyers but the changing characteristics of the high-tech...

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Opinion: Technology, tooling and M&A

Through the centuries, technology’s main benefit to mankind has been to reduce the strain on overworked humans by transferring as much of the burden as...

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The M&A mid market is cooling down yet remains resilient

London, August 30, 2022 - Despite all the uncertainty in the market due to the rising interest rates, inflation, and the war in Ukraine, the EBITDA multiple...

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M&A Monitor September 2022

Download the M&A Monitor September 2022

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Kensington harnesses the power of digital deal sourcing

M&A activity in Switzerland and Germany has rebounded over the past few months, according to Jens Grasshoff, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Kensington M&A....

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Dealsuite Appoints Edward Playfair as Director of UK&I

Dealsuite is pleased to welcome Edward Playfair as Director of UK and Ireland (UK&I). Ed, who is based in London, will be responsible for Dealsuite’s growth in...

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Programmatic M&A: the route to sustainable value creation?

Companies that regularly and systematically pursue M&A opportunities in the lower mid-market, outperform those that don’t, according to McKinsey. Two decades...

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How to avoid FOMO in M&A - The genuine risk of missing out

Missing out on deals is an occupational hazard for M&A professionals, but technology can improve your coverage.

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The network of corporate M&A teams is not unlimited. Or is it?

A healthy financial position and a clear desire for growth are vital to a company’s M&A strategy. But the scope of the traditional network only stretches so...

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The impact of small firm premium on EBITDA multiples

The lower mid-market is full of opportunities for M&A as companies in this segment are sold for lower EBITDA multiples. Dealsuite bi-annually publishes EBITDA...

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