M&A Monitor H2-2021

Introduction Thank you for taking the time to read this H2-2021 version of the UK&I M&A Monitor. This report consolidates research performed by Dealsuite, the leading UK&I and international platform for M&A transactions. It contains statistics and...

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How to avoid FOMO in M&A - The genuine risk of missing out

Missing out on deals is an occupational hazard for M&A professionals, but technology can improve your coverage.

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The network of corporate M&A teams is not unlimited. Or is it?

A healthy financial position and a clear desire for growth are vital to a company’s M&A strategy. But the scope of the traditional network only stretches so...

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The impact of small firm premium on EBITDA multiples

The lower mid-market is full of opportunities for M&A as companies in this segment are sold for lower EBITDA multiples. Dealsuite bi-annually publishes EBITDA...

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Valuation differences spark cross-border deals

Amsterdam, March 10, 2022 - Compared to neighboring countries, companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland are sold for relatively high prices. On average,...

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Unlocking the lower mid-market opportunity

Strategic buyers and private equity firms are increasingly chasing acquisition opportunities in the lower middle market.Research has long shown that the most...

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Redefining the M&A playbook: tools for scouting targets

A dealmaker’s role is not what it used to be. With the best opportunities often found outside conventional business boundaries, a successful M&A approach...

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2021 year in review: M&A surprisingly resilient

The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to challenge businesses during 2021. The health crisis - and the restrictions imposed to contain it - triggered the biggest...

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M&A in the 20s

A decade of partnerships and deal ecosystems The Black Swan event of Covid-19 accelerated long-term trends in M&A, with technology driving change and...

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How a “traditional” wholesaler enabled international and digital growth through M&A

Being innovative in a traditional market is a complex commercial challenge and the involvement of an experienced equity partner can make all the difference...

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