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Since launching Dealsuite 2.0 in September of last year, we have continuously deployed new updates to the platform. Focus is what matters when selecting what to work on. And that focus is and remains the same since day 1: providing M&A professionals with increased, and more relevant, deal opportunities. Today we present some noteworthy features released by the product team in cooperation with our customer feedback panel.

Connect with interested parties, gauge interest, and submit proprietary deals with the Dealsuite Network directory

At its core Dealsuite is a matching platform, connecting buyers and sellers. Until now, this was only possible with deals that were actually on the market. The network tab enables new ways to connect with each other, in earlier stages of the deal process.


At the network tab, you can exclusively interact with potential deal partners before a deal is even on the market. This section also provides intelligent search options that allows you to create a short-list of possible candidates, based on investment criteria like country/region, sector(s), revenue range, growth percentage, profitability, equity stake, etc.
Head on over the network search and check out the Dealsuite Directory for yourself.

Improved matching and relevance

Dealsuite is all about providing you with relevant dealflow. That is why the product team is continually focusing on improving the matching algorithm. In the latest update, this has resulted in the following upgrades:

New M&A industry classification
The classification system has been optimized for M&A requirements. Sector classification is one of the main variables for matching M&A opportunities on our platform so expanding our sectors from 13 to 292 has significantly increased the relevancy of each matched deal. We also made it possible to easily update the industry classification based on user feedback and future insights.
Read more about the new M&A industry classification.

Financial data
Financial data is one of the pillars of our matching algorithm. By adding CAGR as a matching variable next to the existing variable of revenue and EBITDA we can now match on historical performance and growth.

financial data

Revenue models
The business model is a significant distinguishing factor when determining the relevance of a deal. Dealsuite has created a comprehensive overview of ‘revenue models’ that you can connect to a deal, or you can filter by in your preferences, again increasing relevance of your inbox and overall usefulness of the Dealsuite platform. Examples are subscriptions, pay per view, advertising, SaaS, etc.

revenue model

A fresh new look

Just like we re-designed the interface of the platform itself in September of last year, we now have completely redone all public facing pages as well. The looks now match our mission.
Have a look at the new and improved website.


We believe in the power of data and tech to enable M&A professionals to do more deals. We constantly update our product to fit your needs. If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to reach out to

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