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Dealsuite's Chief Commercial Officer since 2022, Maarten Reinders, is well known for his ability to motivate and push high-achieving teams to new heights. He has a strong background in sales, marketing, and channel management on an international scale. A straight-shooter in commercial strategy, Maarten combines an open, vibrant personality with a solid ‘can do’ mentality, promoting an environment suitable for learning and success. His interpersonal skills and desire for synergy are the foundations of his successful track record in SaaS, M&A, and Fintech, making him a shining example of transformative leadership and team empowerment.

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Western-European M&A market rebounds: stable EBITDA, surge in deals, and bright H1-2024 outlook

The Western-European M&A market shows signs of recovery, with an increase in transactions and steady EBITDA multiples. Expectations for early 2024 are positive. Over half of the transactions were financed by debt, with vendor loans becoming a more...

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UK&I M&A Market Shows Recovery: Increased Transaction Activity Observed

The recovery of the UK&I M&A market has continued over the past six months. In the second half of 2023, the...

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Man versus machine: why relationships come first in Asian M&A

We may be in the digital age but building personal relationships remains crucial to M&A deals, particularly in Asian business culture, says Markus Kircher,...

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57% of PE professionals postponed their planned exits for 2023

The pandemic, inflation, increasing interest rates, and the wars in Ukraine and Israel all impacted exit...

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Is the due diligence process getting longer and more complex?

While mergers and acquisitions deals were booming in 2021 and 2022, things have started to slow in 2023. Economic uncertainty fueled by a rise in inflation,...

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Meeting the changing demands of tech M&A

Digital transformation continues to drive M&A activity in the tech sector but demand is shifting, with a new wave of cross-border interest and an increased...

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Quality over quantity: Hornblower's recent deal with Majestic group and RDCP group

The industrial & manufacturing industry might be one of themost popular M&A sectors but having more interest does not necessarily make finding the ultimate...

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Decrease in buyer appetite for SME companies, yet M&A outlook is optimistic

The European EBITDA multiple for H1-2023 is 5.1. The challenging economic situation caused a decrease in the...

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The Future of Energy: M&A Activities Increasing in Renewable Energy Sector

Due to a variety of socioeconomic factors, Europe’s energy crisis has caused an increase in demand for companies in the sustainable energy sector. According to...

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