Quality over quantity: Hornblower's recent deal with Majestic group and RDCP group

The industrial & manufacturing industry might be one of the most popular M&A sectors but having more interest does not necessarily make finding the ultimate buyer any easier. What matters is knowing you have access to qualified buyers, who are ready...

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Decrease in buyer appetite for SME companies, yet M&A outlook is optimistic

The European EBITDA multiple for H1-2023 is 5.1. The challenging economic situation caused a decrease in the...

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The Future of Energy: M&A Activities Increasing in Renewable Energy Sector

Due to a variety of socioeconomic factors, Europe’s energy crisis has caused an increase in demand for companies in the sustainable energy sector. According to...

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Steady as she goes: Why transport and logistics companies are proving resilient despite geopolitical tensions

Through a global pandemic, escalating geopolitical tensions and higher inflation, our love of shopping has remained constant. Worldwide, retail sales grew by...

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Avoid pausing M&A in a downturn

Businesses typically respond to market downturns by pausing M&A. Convention suggests that it’s too risky to do deals when the economic outlook is uncertain and...

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Higher inflation and interest rates are driving buy-side risk aversion

There’s no doubt that market conditions are tough right now. Inflation and higher interest rates are making it harder to secure funding and the weak...

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How are rising rates and inflation affecting company valuations?

Rising interest rates and higher prices are affecting the valuation of companies. Inflation in the eurozone might have fallen slightly from its peak of 10.6%...

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European M&A Monitor March 2023


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Despite a significant drop in transaction volume, dealmakers remain optimistic

The second half of 2022 was far from straightforward for global M&A. Taking a deeper look into Dealsuite’s core...

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