M&A process in rapid overhaul: how smarter working and technology are transforming the mid-market

Tight macroeconomic conditions, the rising cost of financing, and continued geopolitical uncertainties weighed on the M&A sector in 2023. With risk mitigation top of mind, the deal transaction process became longer and more in-depth while the...

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Man versus machine: why relationships come first in Asian M&A

We may be in the digital age but building personal relationships remains crucial to M&A deals, particularly in Asian business culture, says Markus Kircher,...

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A look into the UK healthcare & life science market

The UK healthcare and life science markets have evolved to become one of the largest in the world. Between them, they span a range of subsectors including life...

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Verder International: ‘ESG is increasingly becoming a part of the evaluation’

M&A sometimes seems like a pragmatic assessment of numbers, but there is much more behind it. Cultural and ESG standards also come into play when assessing an...

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Meeting the changing demands of tech M&A

Digital transformation continues to drive M&A activity in the tech sector but demand is shifting, with a new wave of cross-border interest and an increased...

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Mid-market companies are driving a resurgence in cross-border M&A

Whether you’re looking to sell an asset or expand your portfolio, it makes sense to cast the net as wide as possible. Cross-border M&A can unlock new markets,...

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BoConcept franchise model offers portfolio diversification

Franchising offers a unique proposition for investors looking at opportunities beyond conventional M&A.

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Quality over quantity: Hornblower's recent deal with Majestic group and RDCP group

The industrial & manufacturing industry might be one of themost popular M&A sectors but having more interest does not necessarily make finding the ultimate...

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Why ESG is something that your company can't afford to overlook

Let’s start with some examples:

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Trixxo, Alfa Consultants and Dealsuite – a solid partnership for fast growth

For the fast-growing employment agency Trixxo, the partnership between Dealsuite and Alfa Consultants is the solution for achieving its M&A ambitions. After...

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