Dealsuite among top 250 fastest growing companies

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                                                                                                          Amsterdam, 03-08-2023 -

Dealsuite has been recognised as one of the 250 most innovative and fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. This is the outcome of independent research conducted by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with NGO 'NLgroeit' (NLgrows). 

High growth firms (also called "Gazelles") are companies that grow more than 20% per year on average over a three-year period, with at least 10 FTEs at the start of the measurement. In the Netherlands, about 4.3% of all companies with more than 10 FTEs are HGF’s resulting in 2,605 Growth Companies in 2021 (ScaleUp Dashboard 2022). The Top 250 Growth Companies are the 'Champions League' of growth entrepreneurship.

Dealsuite is pleased with its listing in the Top 250. “This listing endorses the potential of the platform's strategy. With each new member joining the platform, the collective value increases. These ‘network effects’ set us up for fast growth on a continued basis." says Floyd Plettenberg, CEO Dealsuite. 

Dealsuite is a newcomer to the top 250, yet the list also features companies which have been among the top for multiple editions. "It is interesting to see that nearly all companies who consistently rank in the top have an ‘active M&A strategy’ and are often clients of ours. Which in itself underlines the importance of our service offering." concludes Plettenberg.

Click here for the full publication 'Top 250 Growth Companies 2023'


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