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Investors grow stronger due to rising interest rates

Falling valuations are creating a unique opportunity for investors with capital available. The outlook for 2023 may seem bleak, but investors with an eye on the long term should sense an opportunity among the uncertainty. Despite the economic...

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Buying small but thinking big: why it’s not a ‘scope or scale’ decision for Vitec

Vitec has its roots in experimental science and entrepreneurialism. The Umeå-based vertical software company was born when two applied physics PhD’s combined...

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Why mid-market M&A is expected to thrive in 2023

In 2022, just as the global economy was recovering from Covid, the invasion of Ukraine shook investor confidence. The war caused supply chain problems and put...

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Being acquired by a larger company doesn’t always mean that you’ll lose your identity. Quite the opposite …

With 1,700 employees and 20 branches throughout the Netherlands, Hoppenbrouwers Techniek can certainly call itself a ‘larger acquirer’. But that doesn’t mean...

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How M&A tech can solve your skills shortage

Short on resources? Optimize your M&A process with Dealsuite and cater to your client requests more efficiently.

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Exitpartner: Why investors are looking to Sweden’s ESG edge

Exitpartner has been brokering mid-market M&A deals in Sweden for more than a decade. During that time, the firm has noticed a growing interest in...

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Digital deal sourcing connects perfect cross-border partners

Involving a foreign party in the purchase or sale of a business can bring many benefits. For the owners of end-to-end logistics company Green Logistics...

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The IT sector is booming 

Covid-19 sped up the digital transformation of the economy and is helping to drive interest in M&A opportunities in the tech sector.

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Uniconsult: An example of turning a setback into a successfully closed deal

After more than 10 years in M&A advisory Dr Josef Rumpl, founding partner of Uniconsult, has built up a strong network in the German and Austrian markets he...

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Digital networking in tech: 4 key trends driving cross-border M&A

A strong international network has become essential to M&A success in the small to mid-cap tech market. For the majority of smaller deals in Europe, M&A...

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