Vendor loans: an effective way to improve deal flow

After Covid had affected the global economy, the feeling of uncertainty increased. High energy prices, restrictions in the global supply chain, and the invasion of Ukraine triggered inflation to reach its highest level in 40 years.   Central banks...

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ETAs: an increasingly popular route to business ownership

A growing number of aspiring entrepreneurs are becoming first-time CEOs by buying and scaling existing businesses. Instead of building a startup from scratch,...

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Avoid pausing M&A in a downturn

Businesses typically respond to market downturns by pausing M&A. Convention suggests that it’s too risky to do deals when the economic outlook is uncertain and...

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Royal Kaak: “We offer start-ups the perfect opportunity to scale up sustainably”

What makes a supplier to the bakery industry one of the most interesting parties for start-ups and scale-ups looking to grow faster and sustainably? Even if,...

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Higher inflation and interest rates are driving buy-side risk aversion

There’s no doubt that market conditions are tough right now. Inflation and higher interest rates are making it harder to secure funding and the weak...

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The power of staying “cautiously greedy” in M&A

My 2023 outlook for M&A remains that despite uncertainty, there are big opportunities. But these will only be seized by companies brave enough to step from...

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How are rising rates and inflation affecting company valuations?

Rising interest rates and higher prices are affecting the valuation of companies. Inflation in the eurozone might have fallen slightly from its peak of 10.6%...

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Societex: ‘It’s like a think-tank for us’

Wherever we are in the world, M&A professionals have a common language that allows us to work together and get deals done. Indeed, this was one of the founding...

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Dealsuite raises growth capital from investor Value8

The international M&A platform Dealsuite has secured an investment from publicly listed investment firm Value8. 

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Investors grow stronger due to rising interest rates

Falling valuations are creating a unique opportunity for investors with capital available.

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