The Future of Energy: M&A Activities Increasing in Renewable Energy Sector

Due to a variety of socioeconomic factors, Europe’s energy crisis has caused an increase in demand for companies in the sustainable energy sector. According to the International Monetary Fund, the supply of gas Europe received from Russia was down...

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Dealsuite among top 250 fastest growing companies

Amsterdam, 03-08-2023 - Dealsuite has been recognised as one of the 250 most innovative and fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. This is the outcome...

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How investors can impress founders

Many entrepreneurs aren’t impressed by their investors. More than one-in-four founders said in a recent survey that their biggest external investor failed to...

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Why ESG is something that your company can't afford to overlook

Let’s start with some examples:

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M&A mid-market trends report 2023

The M&A landscape is rapidly evolving, with both listed and large companies getting involved in midmarket M&A and professionalizing their capabilities. The...

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Steady as she goes: Why transport and logistics companies are proving resilient despite geopolitical tensions

Through a global pandemic, escalating geopolitical tensions and higher inflation, our love of shopping has remained constant. Worldwide, retail sales grew by...

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Trixxo, Alfa Consultants and Dealsuite – a solid partnership for fast growth

For the fast-growing employment agency Trixxo, the partnership between Dealsuite and Alfa Consultants is the solution for achieving its M&A ambitions. After...

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Changing Dynamics in Austrian M&A Market: An Interview with M&A Professional and Legal Expert Philipp Kapl

Market uncertainty is so far the prevailing trend in the M&A market in 2023. As interest rates have risen and the market has cooled down, fewer transactions...

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Vendor loans: an effective way to improve deal flow

After Covid had affected the global economy, the feeling of uncertainty increased. High energy prices, restrictions in the global supply chain, and the...

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ETAs: an increasingly popular route to business ownership

A growing number of aspiring entrepreneurs are becoming first-time CEOs by buying and scaling existing businesses. Instead of building a startup from scratch,...

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