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As CEO and founder of the international M&A network Dealsuite, Floyd Plettenberg is a beacon in the realm of global M&A. After a 7-year tenure in Finance and M&A at PwC, Floyd's entrepreneurial spirit led to the founding of Dealsuite in 2016, now operating in more than 50 countries. Holding a master's in Business Economics/Strategy and an executive master's in Finance and Control, his hands have been at the wheel of dozens of acquisition deals over the past fifteen years. Floyd's insights are highly sought after and frequently featured in media from print to podcasts. As co-owner of Brookz and co-founder of 'Valuepartner,' his expertise is extensive. His literary contributions, such as 'Growth via Acquisition' and the annual 'Trend Report for SME,' solidify his position as a key figure in shaping industry trends and strategies.

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Press Release: Dealsuite Partners with Cyndx to Revolutionize M&A Deal Sourcing in Europe

Dealsuite, the premier platform for M&A deal sourcing in Europe, has announced a partnership with Cyndx Networks (“Cyndx”), the leading Al-driven Deal Origination and Investor Identification Platform. The partnership showcases the shared commitment...

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Posts by Floyd Plettenberg

European M&A Monitor February 2024

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M&A process in rapid overhaul: how smarter working and technology are transforming the mid-market

Tight macroeconomic conditions, the rising cost of financing, and continued geopolitical uncertainties weighed on the M&A sector in 2023. With risk mitigation...

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The ESG revolution in M&A

ESG grows more popular every day. From its coinage in 2005 as a set of aspects used by investors to screen...

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European Private Equity Monitor 2024

This report by Dealsuite offers insights into statistics and trends within the European Private Equity market....

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M&A Monitor August 2023


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M&A mid-market trends report 2023

The M&A landscape is rapidly evolving, with both listed and large companies getting involved in midmarket M&A and professionalizing their capabilities. The...

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Vendor loans: an effective way to improve deal flow

After Covid had affected the global economy, the feeling of uncertainty increased. High energy prices, restrictions in the global supply chain, and the...

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ETAs: an increasingly popular route to business ownership

A growing number of aspiring entrepreneurs are becoming first-time CEOs by buying and scaling existing businesses. Instead of building a startup from scratch,...

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